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Generations of Hope

Growing up we began singing a song in church, one of the lines is “I see a generation, rising up to take their place. With selfless faith.” When I first heard that song, as a teen, I thought of it referring to my generation. Now, I’m not so sure. I feel more like it refers … Read More about Generations of Hope

Devotional Against Fear

Devotional against Fear: focusing on Psalm 91 in the CJB version Day 1: Psalm 91:1-6 “You who live in the shelter of ‘Elyon, who spend your nights in the shadow of Shaddai,  who say to Adonai, “My refuge! My fortress! My God, in whom I trust!” —  he will rescue you from the trap of … Read More about Devotional Against Fear

Dimes of Hope

Millennials and depression can seem like an internet trend, or joke. We have books, movies, games, and thousands of ways to hide from the “real world.” Yet, happiness and joy remain fleeting feelings. Different families have different traditions when it comes to finding dimes on the ground. But, one trend in all the stories is … Read More about Dimes of Hope

The Necessity of Life

It doesn’t matter who you are professionally, where you live or what you do. Everyone needs life. Not so much just to have “life experience,” but to have an understanding of that which is varied and different. As someone who lived internationally, and as a writer, I’ve come to treasure learning. Perspective Shifts I’m an … Read More about The Necessity of Life